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Poster Contest

The first step is making sure everyone knows the rules. Do you know which traffic laws apply to pedestrians? What the law is regarding crosswalks?  What do you do if there isn't a crosswalk? What about sidewalks? 

Walk Safe Long Island, a collaborative of health and transportation safety educators from across Nassau and Suffolk Counties, wants your help in educating Long Islanders on how to stay safe. 

Walk Safe Long Island* will be awarding scholarships to two students who submit an educational poster to the Pedestrian Education Poster Competition.

Two winners, one in Nassau County, and one in Suffolk County, will receive scholarships for $1,000.


  1. Please create a creative and informative poster that illustrates one or more of the Vehicle and Traffic Laws for Pedestrian Enforcement as detailed by the New York State Department of Transportation

    • ​Feel free to use as inspiration and/or reference the DoT’s materials on pedestrian education, most importantly, the See! Be Seen! campaign 

  2. Answer the question, “Why is it important to educate Long Islanders about pedestrian and traffic safety?” (Please answer the question in the space provided within the submission form.)

  3. Submit your poster and answer at

  4. DEADLINE: Sunday, May 31st, 2020


Walk Safe Long Island’s Pedestrian Education Poster Competition is open to high school juniors and seniors who are Long Island residents, and who submit a poster adhering to the following parameters;

  • Content should focus on highlighting one or more of the Vehicle and Traffic Laws for Pedestrian Enforcement. You can reference those laws HERE or download the quick reference guide HERE.

  • Posters should be graphically attractive and use dynamic messaging. 

  • Digital submissions are accepted in PNG or PDF formats.

  • Posters will be printed in 11×17-in. size for display in community settings such as schools, libraries and DMVs. Poster may be printed as small as 5½× 8½-in. used as display on a web-page. Please consider these dimensions when creating the graphics or choosing a typeface.

  • Poster cannot contain profanity or inappropriate content, or personal information.

  • Bright and highly visible colors are suggested.

  • Submission of poster, regardless of selection for award, gives the New York Coalition for Transportation Safety (award-granting entity) permission to use and re-purpose content for educational and promotional purposes related to poster’s original content.

  • DEADLINE: Posters must be submitted no later than Sunday, May 31st, 2020.

  • Winners will be notified during the second week of June 2020.

  • Submissions will be judged by members of the Walk Safe Long Island coalition. Posters will be judged based on the submission's ability to communicate educational messages to Long Island pedestrians, as well as engage and connect with viewers from varied audience profiles. Winners will be selected based on their submitted poster as well as their answer to the question,
    "Why is it important to educate Long Islanders about pedestrian and traffic safety?"

For questions, contact the Long Island Health Collaborative
at 631-257-6964 or

for pedestrians and cyclists?

How can you help make Long Island safer

Submission Form



Thanks for submitting!

Please note, submissions with poster files attached will take time to process. Please click the "Submit" button once and wait for the "Thanks for submitting!" message to appear before exiting the page. 

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