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October is Pedestrian Safety Month

Take the pledge to walk, bike, and drive safely, Long Island!

It's everyone's responsibility to share the road safely. 

Educating ourselves and others about the laws in place to protect all road users is just one way we can go about doing that. Pledge to learn and follow the laws to protect yourself and vulnerable road users on Long Island's shared roadways today!

Learn the laws.

Learn about New York State's Vehicle and Traffic Laws pertaining to pedestrians and cyclists here


Follow the laws and share the road.

Put what you've learned into action by following the laws in place to protect all road users, especially pedestrians and cyclists. Share the road, whether you're a pedestrian, cyclist, or motorist.


Spread the word!

Advocacy comes in all shapes and sizes. You can play a part in making our roads safer for all users just by sharing your knowledge of the laws in place with those around you. 

Pedestrian injury and fatality is a multi-faceted issue that calls for multi-faceted solutions. Education is just one of the "Three Es" of New York State's Pedestrian Safety Action Plan. Learn about the other Es (enforcement and engineering) and the state's plan to reduce pedestrian injury and fatality on our roads here.

Pedestrain Crossing

Take the Pledge Today!

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