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Safely Spring into Action

Safety Tips for Pedestrians, Cyclists, and Drivers During Daylight Saving Time

Daylight saving time is right around the corner. March 14 will mark the beginning of longer days, warmer weather, and more opportunity to enjoy

Long Island’s great outdoors. With more people walking, cycling, and driving on our roadways, it’s important to remember the following safety tips to make sure we safely spring into action.

Tips for Pedestrians

  • See and Be Seen: Try not to use your phone or text while walking, and avoid wearing headphones to ensure you remain aware of your surroundings. Warmer weather means more people out and about on our roadways, so it’s important to stay aware of the traffic around you.

  • Follow the Rules of the Road: Always walk on the sidewalk when there is one. If there is no sidewalk, walk on the shoulder facing oncoming traffic, staying as far to the left as possible. Try to avoid walking on streets— if there are no crosswalks, the safest place for a pedestrian to cross is at an intersection.

  • Make Eye Contact with Drivers: Before crossing the street, wait until vehicles have come to a complete stop. Making eye contact with drivers can help make sure that they are aware of you.

Tips for Cyclists

  • Tune-up Time: Make sure your bike is road-ready before you hop on for your first ride of the spring. Check your brakes, inspect your tires for wear, clean and inspect your chain, and make sure your seat is properly adjusted.

  • Stay in Your Lane: Utilize designated bike paths and lanes whenever possible, obey all traffic laws, and use hand signals to ensure a safe ride.

  • Suit Up for Safety: Wear equipment to protect you and make you more visible to others, such as a helmet and bright or reflective clothing depending on the time of day. Tuck in any hanging pieces of clothing or shoelaces that might get caught in your bike chain.

Tips for Drivers

  • Heed Your Speed: Drive slowly, increase your following distance in between you and the car in front of you, and stay aware of pedestrians around you and/or at upcoming intersections.

  • Distracted Driving is Dangerous Driving: It’s especially important to reduce distractions during the spring when there are more pedestrians and cyclists on the roads. Don’t text or use your cell phone while driving, and try to reduce distractions from navigation and entertainment systems.

  • Stay Alert: From unanticipated road hazards like potholes and debris to construction zones, detour signs and even weather-related road conditions – all drivers need to be alert and ready to react quickly and safely.

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1 Comment

Mark Hoffacker
Mark Hoffacker
Mar 12, 2021

Be careful with drowsy driving also. We are going to lose an hour of sleep. It takes our body awhile to adjust to this new schedule. Drowsy driving is a serious issue.

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