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Observing Long Island's Most Dangerous Intersections

During the month of June, the New York Coalition for Transportation Safety set out to two of Long Island's most dangerous intersections for an observational study.

New York is the leading state for pedestrian fatalities, with 29% of all motor vehicles fatalities involved a pedestrian in 2018 while the national average is only 16%, according to New York’s Traffic Safety Statistical Repository (TSSR). Pedestrian safety is a serious concern on Long Island, especially since the rate of fatalities have remained steady from 2014-2018.

Although dangerous driving and poor intersection design account for some pedestrian accidents, a study done in Vancouver showed that 21% of pedestrians observed committed at least one crossing violation. These crossing violations include disobeying the lights or crossing mid-intersection. With the increased use of cellphones, distracted crossing has increased as well.

The two teams observed pedestrian and driver behavior in the intersections of Merrick Road and Main Street in Freeport, and West Hills Road and Route 110 in Huntington Station.

Observations made include behaviors such as drivers making illegal turns, pedestrians crossing at locations other than marked crosswalks, and both drivers and walkers texting and using their phones.

Select a location to read the full report:

Freeport Observational Study
Download • 949KB
Huntington Station Observational Study
Download • 46KB

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