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Celebrating Long Island Mobility Week 2020

Each September, a week-long celebration takes place in which villages, towns, cities and counties and other organizations are invited to showcase their commitment to clean and sustainable transportation options by hosting and/or participating in the various events being held across Long Island.

Sustainable Transportation refers to any means of transportation that is ‘green’ and has low impact on the environment. Sustainable transportation is also about balancing our current and future needs. Examples of sustainable transportation include walking, cycling, transit, carpooling, car sharing, and green vehicles.

Walk Safe Long Island decided to focus on the sustainable mode of guessed it - walking!

Walking has benefits for everyone, including:

  • Improving health – Walking promotes healthier lifestyles through increased physical activity. Walking also helps reduce stress and the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

  • Saving money – Walking is a free and affordable way to get around, and you can save on gas.

  • Reducing air pollution – Walking is a non-polluting and no greenhouse gas emissions are produced while walking.

  • Improving communities – Walking builds a sense of place and improves social relationships as people who walk know their neighbors and their community. Walking is also good for our local economy by supporting local shops and businesses.

While it's so important to promote walking as a hobby or as a means to get around, it's equally as important to educate the community on how to stay safe while doing so. During both of the Long Island Mobility Week walks, members of the New York Coalition for Transportation Safety led on-site, real-time pedestrian safety workshops. Topics covered included pedestrian rules and rights, staying visible on walks after dark, and making eye contact with drivers to ensure that they are aware you are crossing the street.

To learn more about these events, click here.

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