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Lowell Wolf Memorial Scholarship 

Walk Safe Long Island’s annual Lowell Wolf Memorial Scholarship is taking the form of a Traffic Observation Contest in 2023. Two winners will receive $1,000 each!

The Challenge: Observe the pedestrian, cyclist, and driver behavior in the main intersection around your high school, take some photos of the area, and complete the provided Traffic Observation Worksheet. Then write an essay about the area surrounding your school, your observations, and your suggestions to improve the area’s safety for all road users.

Details and Guidelines

The contest is open to high school juniors and seniors, who are Long Island or Queens residents, and who submit an observation worksheet and essay adhering to the following parameters:

  • Applicants must observe the pedestrian, cyclist, and driver behavior in the main intersection around your high school at two different high-traffic times, once at arrival and once at dismissal, for a minimum of 30 minutes per each observation.

  • Applicants must record observations using the Traffic Observation Worksheet provided by Walk Safe Long Island. 

  • Applicants must submit an essay of at least 500 words that includes the following:

    • School’s address and main intersection (road names) of student observation

    • Description of intersection with photo(s)

    • Summary of observations pertaining to pedestrian/cyclist/and driver behavior

    • Summary of any problems/hazards observed at the intersection

    • Choose one or more of the proven safety countermeasures or roadway improvements outlined here by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration to improve the intersection you observed, and explain how the intervention you chose would improve the intersection

    • Summary of any other suggestions you would make to improve the intersection

    • Digital submission in Microsoft Word or PDF format


Submission of observations and essays, regardless of selection for the award, gives the New York Coalition for Transportation Safety (award-granting entity) permission to use and re-purpose content for educational and promotional purposes related to the submission’s original content.


Feel free to use the following as inspiration and/or reference:

Deadline Extended: Monday, June 5, 2023 at 12:00 PM (afternoon)

A prize of $1,000 per student will be awarded to two winners!


About Lowell Wolf
Lowell Wolf was a Nassau County Transportation Project Manager and professor at Farmingdale State College, SUNY. His interests and concern for pedestrian safety led to a position as an educator with the New York Coalition for Transportation Safety. NYCTS is a grant based nonprofit dedicated to and funded by the New York State Governors Traffic Safety Committee. Lowell’s work involved sharing best practices for transportation safety as well as creating educational programs and events throughout Long Island, with the goal of reducing preventable traffic injury and death. This scholarship is a fitting tribute to Lowell, as it ensures the education of future generations. Road safety audits like these in the scholarship will make more increase awareness and help create changes to dangerous intersections, thus saving lives.

Submission Form
Submit Essay, Observations, & Accompanying Photos

Please note, submissions may take time to process. Please click the "Submit" button once and wait for the "Thanks for submitting!" message to appear before exiting the page. 

Thanks for submitting!

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