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Walking Safe while WFH

Now that the majority of us are spending all of our time at home, taking a (socially distanced) walk around the neighborhood can be an extremely effective way to get some fresh air and vitamin D, clear our minds, and get our steps in.

From my front window in Bay Shore, I see dozens of people every day walking/jogging to the marina, taking a bike ride, and pushing their tiny WFH co-workers in wagons or strollers. And while it is a wonderful and positive thing to see all of these families and individuals enjoying themselves outside, it’s important to note the drivers who are also taking advantage of their new-found free time.

Just in the past few weeks, there have been numerous articles in the local news reporting on car accidents that involve pedestrians. You would think that since schools and most business are closed and there should be less people on the road, pedestrian-related accidents should be on the decline; but that is not the case. With less crowded roadways, drivers are going faster and paying less attention to stop signs and/or traffic signals.

How do I keep myself & my family safe on our walks?

As a driver, it’s essential to pay attention to your surroundings, be alert for pedestrians and children, especially in residential areas, and to always yield to pedestrians at crosswalks and intersections.

While you are walking, always use sidewalks when possible, and walk facing traffic when there are no sidewalks. Stay visible by wearing brightly colored and/or reflective clothing, especially when it is raining or dark outside. Pay attention, don’t text and walk, and never assume that a vehicle sees you.

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